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Article 29: 2024 AIESEP International Conference

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Article 29: 2024 AIESEP International Conference

Inquirium and its team members participated at the 2024 AIESEP International Conference!

With a spotlight on critical topics like physical education, teacher education, health education, and coach development, this conference was set to be a vibrant hub of knowledge and collaboration. From exploring physical literacy to discussing strategies for promoting physical activity, we are excited to have been part of the dialogue and drive progress together.

Inquirium presented the research work on “The Transnational Analysis of PE Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Change and Embracing a Holistic Approach to Developing Physical Literacy” with the presentation led by Dr Efstathios Christodoulides.

Authors and contributors: David Grecic, Efstathios Christodoulides, Andrew Sprake, Hongwei Guan, Jose Amoroso, Khaled Mohammed Abdelkarem, Jonathan Leo Ng, Olia Tsivitanidou, and Alan Thomson

For more details about the conference, visit: